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Playtinum is a fresh game development studio focusing on development of innovative casual games. Our aim is to create visually charming products with fun game play mechanics across multiple platforms. Currently we have games under development spanning the strategy, adventure, cards/board game and match-3 genres.


It took 4 years of electrical engineering, 2 years of MBA and 9 years of fighting the bears and the bulls in the stock market for Harshad to finally realise that he wanted to create games. The roots of this go back to the 1980s when he waited patiently for half an hour to load and play a 48k game on the Zx Spectrum.

A fan of strategy and adventure games, he hopes to attain the joy of independent creation though this venture.


If you wonder why the characters in our games have big eyes, ask her

A manga fan, Poorva loves to draw and she does it well. Her obsession with the Orient extends to Korean and Taiwanese drama and attempts to learn Chinese.Loves the virtual world (online:real friend ratio at 6:1).Occasionally she is also found communicating with her computer by smiling at the screen. She hopes to make an adventure RPG and a dress-up game sometime in the future.

Special ability: Can watch drama serials all day in any language with audio off - subtitles on.


The Spell Breaker Quest

A classic point and click adventure for iOS devices

Solitaire Adventure

A distinctive Tri-Peaks Solitaire game for iOS devices

Adventures of Veronica Wright

A point and click adventure for iOS devices. First episode from the Trilogy

Sultan of Slots

Enjoy 3 slot machines set in an Arabic theme. Playable on iOS devices

Ice Cream Scoop Rush

Fast paced fun game of serving ice cream scoops. Available for iOS devices

Poker Play: The roman Architect

A 4 in 1 video poker game in a unique Roman theme gameplay

Keno Kraze

The popular lottery game right in your pocket

Majestic Mayan Slots

Enjoy 3 slot machines set in an Mayan theme. Playable on iOS devices

Snakes and Ladders

The jungle episode of the popular kids board game for iOS devices

Math Wars

Have fun playing space wars as you learn math

Valentin - The Valiant Viking

A fun point and click puzzle adventure

The Secret of Arcanesium

First episode of a classic point and click adventure trilogy

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'The Secret of Arcanesium' is The Must-Have Puzzle Game This Year. - Best10Apps.com

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AnimationXpress interviews Playtinum co-founder Harshad Arole


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